Angela Manson, MA, RBT


Angela Manson, a native of Chicago, IL, is currently working passionately as a Mental Health Professional. Angela has found herself involved in many different facets. Still, in each dimension, she has always mainly expressed her love for helping people to feel, not just better about themselves, but confident in the belief that they can change the world, first starting with themselves. As a professional, she has had longstanding careers in cosmetology, international spoken word, and now mental health. Angela has achieved gracefully in each chosen profession, expecting nothing less than phenomenal from herself and her efforts towards achieving in her work. As one who is passionate about servitude, beauty, and mental health, Angela believes that in creating building confidence in self, it is important to serve others, find beauty in the smallest gifts of life, which in turn will help to set a mindset for an attitude of gratitude. With over 20 years of professional experience working with people, mentoring, leadership opportunities, and business, Angela has found herself as leading L.I.T.E technology with her co-founder Teri Green. Together they have blended their passion for excellent customer service and technology to create a business that's intending to bridge the gap between minorities, women, and technology.