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Scholarship Application Instructions

Many of the scholarships offered by Lite Technology Solutions have a specific purpose and selection criteria. DO NOT apply for any scholarship(s) for which you do not qualify. 

ALL APPLICANTS: Complete all required parts of the application in order for you to submit your application.

  • Please add the email address to your safe sender email list. All correspondence will be done via this email and it is important that you receive all emails.

  • If you have graduated from high school or have never been enrolled in college, you must request a copy of your high school transcript from your high school guidance office. This request will be done via email through your application. Please make sure you let your guidance counselor know so that he/she will be expecting an email from

  • If you are currently enrolled in college, you must request a copy of your unofficial college transcript. If you have only been enrolled for one semester, please submit whatever school record available. This request will be done via upload through your application. Please make sure you let your college counselor official know so that he/she will be expecting an email from

  • IMPORTANT: All applicants MUST submit two letters of recommendation with your application.  There is a section in the application where you will need to request letters from an outside third party.  Please make sure you complete this.  If you submit your application without requesting the letters, your application will not be considered.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Teri Green at

  • File types that will be accepted include pdf, word, and excel formatted documents.

  • There are a number of scholarships that require an essay – please make sure that you submit the essay. You can compose your essay and upload it onto the online application. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

  • Specify if you are applying for "The Change Begins Now" scholarship which is geared towards minority women seeking to enter the field of Cybersecurity or Information Technology or the "Jaleel McDonald - Future Nurse" scholarship geared towards minority men seeking to enter the field of Nursing. We believe the change begins with you!

  • Your essay should be 500 - 1,000 words. You should address in your essay: your college goals and choice of major, what you intend to do with your education, and why a scholarship is important to you. Include any academic and non-academic accomplishments, personal characteristics, or experiences that make you uniquely worthy of scholarship consideration.

  • A current resume is required to be uploaded into the online application. Please include your academic/scholastic activities (clubs, student government, National Honor Society, etc), sports, community activities (civic activities, clubs, volunteer work, faith activities, etc), number of years you have participated and your leadership position, letters earned, awards received, and recognitions.  Please include the number of hours spent on each activity. Additionally, please include your work experiences such as self-employment, employer name, nature of work, supervisory positions held, and dates employed. (Maximum 2 pages)

  You must also upload your Student Aid Report (SAR). Applications without these documents will not be considered.

The scholarship Deadline is Thursday, April 15, 2021.

NOTE: The scholarship application will open the first week of November- please check back then.